The Health Behavior Model

When talking about health behavior it is important to talk about the health belief model. The health belief model consist of 5 stages that are all important when speaking about health behavior. Consisting of steps like perceived susceptibility, severity, benefits, barriers, cues to action, and self efficacy are critical to health behavior. Each one of these steps effects the way an individual responds to certain situations. For example an exercise program to lose weight. Per curved susceptibility would be fear of diabetes from not working out. Perceived severity would be considering consequences of not working out. Perceived benefits would define a positive action to take from working out to lose weight. Perceived barriers are ideas that would stop an individual from participating in the workout program. The cue to actions would be to an idea to promote an individual to participate in a workout program like flier promotion in workout clinics. Finally, self efficacy, would be an individual’s own willingness to participate in the workout program.United_States_Public_Health_Service_(seal).svg.pngMore information can be found here.

Air Force focuses on Mental Health

The United States Air Force has started to shift its focus on mental health. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are 43 million Americans or 1 in five adult who have a mental disorder. According to the Department of Health and Human Services there are many factors that contribute to mental health issues. Everyone is effected by mental health. The Air Force has many health clinics that offer many service to those who suffer from mental health. The Department of Defense assess everyone on mental status one year before they deploy.

The Air Force is currently in the process of changing policies, programs, and care teams to be able to better care for those who have mental health disorders. The fact that is an issue in the civilian world and also in the military speaks levels. The Air Force is taking care of this issue of those that serve before they are back home in the civilian world. Many people know that there are people who have mental disabilities but I don’t think everyone is aware of the severity of it. More work needs to be on this issue but in the military and out.

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More Training for Doctors

Whether or not doctors who prescribe painkillers should be required to take training is being questioned by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA. Currently, this is training for doctors but it is voluntary not mandatory. 1 in 4 people are abusing narcotics that are prescribed to them.  Dr. Archelle Georgiou, medical expert for KSTP Channel 5 in Minnesota, said she believe that having mandatory training is a great idea. This new story, coming from Minnesota, also found that more than 960 people died from prescription drug overdose. It is believed that is doctors have mandatory better training on what they are prescribing patients then these numbers will decrease.

Doctors who are considered subject matter experts in the field they work in are aware of the medicine they prescribe and the side effects. The hope is that they will be able to better understand how patients will react differently and to offer other courses of action if necessary. I, personally think that doctors should be required to take these mandatory courses. It won’t hurt to take more training on how to better care for your patients. Although the FDA is meeting on this, it would have to be required by Congress.

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Less Sleep=Less Money

If one wants to be successful they will work hard to achieve that goal. They will put in countless hours in order to complete the task they set out to do. With success, comes time, and with time comes fatigue. When you are fatigue you’re going to want to sleep but you won’t let sleep stop you from achieving your goal. So work and sleep go hand in hand. But a smart person knows that sleep is important no matter what the goal is. Numerous of surveys show that those who have low-income suffer from lack of sleep. 

Dr. Michael Grander who is a psychologist at the University of Arizona found that there is a correlation between sleep and income but it’s not solely income that’s the issue. He found that it is the things that income buys that cause there to be a lack of sleep. I found it interesting that it was the thing that income buys that causes less sleep but it made sense after seeing what Dr. Grander had to say. When people see that things aren’t going well they tend to overcompensate in ways that cost more than what they are actually bringing in. This then cause more stress on the monetary side and can cause a lack of sleep.

I know how important sleep is. When I was preparing for the MCAT I spent days up after well after midnight studying but I came to realize that I needed to get sleep in order to better succeed. 

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E-Cigarettes are Good

 Overtime, there have been numerous of studies on the effects of smoking cigarettes. People some them because they relieve stress, they think it’s cool, or just because they are addicted to them. But studies show that cigarette smoking is bad for the lungs. Smoking is a major public health issue, one which has to be fixed. The Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom found that “the hazard to health arising from long-term vapor inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco.” They also released recommendation for Britain but in recent times the U.S. followed in their footsteps. 

E-cigarettes is a much less harmful way that smokers can get nicotine. When you look closely at traditional cigarettes and then e-cigarettes, the e-cigarettes satisfies the smokers in the same way that traditional ones due.   There is vapor instead of smoke and still involves use of the hand. But the ingredients in traditional cigarettes are more likely to cause asthma and cancer but e-cigarettes takes those ingredients out. I think the report they released is great and the U.S. should follow suit soon. 

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Immunization saving Children’s lives

The above article was a great article releases by CNN. It was written by Dr. Orin Levine who is the Director of Vaccine Delivery at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The World Health Organization calls the last week in April, World Immunization Week. This year there was talk about four new innovations that are saving children’s lives.

The first is the Sure Chill refrigerator that uses hydro and solar power that keeps vaccines cold with energy. The second is called Arktek, which is used in areas that doesn’t have or has very minimum electricity. It has insulation that works similar to that of a spacecraft, and with one set of ice pack can keep 300 doses of vaccine cold for a month. The third innovation comes with the increase of mobile technology. Health workers are now able to have necessary data on the mobile devices. There is also an increase in applications that allow them to travel all over and be able to “view, track, and record” data. The fourth and final innovation doesn’t involve the increase of technology but “low-tech”. There are home-based child records that gets the children’s medical information and is user-friendly.

These innovations are designed to reach 1.5 million children who do not have the proper access to immunizations. These innovations are great and will make a change as we move forward in the world.

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Public Health on STI Prevention

There has recently been an increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections, STIs. But some people are questions what is the cost of this rise. Is it that this generation is becoming less informed on how to properly protect yourself when having sex? Or is there just a lack of care? There are numerous of questions that arise but one medical doctor thinks it’s because of the apps we have on our phones. Dr. Karen Grimsrud said the increase of STIs “is due to use of social media to set up sexual encounters.”  She believes that people are using these apps just to meet someone for casual sexual pleasure. They do not take in consideration the history of the partners they are meeting.

When I first read this article I was in shock because I had no idea that dating sites would lead to there being an increase in STIs. I know people that use certain apps to meet new people that they would like to hang out with, try something new. But after reading this it makes you wonder. Is it really the apps causing this increase or is it the lack of knowledge of STIs? I think it is a mixture of both. With the increase of technology this generation is becoming more indulged in their smartphones more than anything else. I think if we revamp our education system to teach more on STIs than there might be a decrease. Another idea would be to talk about the possibilities of catching a STI from meeting with people through these social media tools.

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